CUSTOM MADE - One of a Kind

Giant Amethyst in Gold

17.8 cts Dark AMETHYST in 14 Kt yellow gold ring (Size 8  --Price: $1499. --On Sale Only $(50.

17.8 cts Dark Amethyst mounted in 14 kt yellow gold ring (Size 8) -- Price: $1499. - On Sale Only: $750.

Rare Madeira Citrine

2 ct emerald cut Madeira CITRINE (8x6mm) in 14Kt yellow gold Ring (Size 6 3/4) -- PRICE:  $485.

2 ct emerald cut Madeira CITRINE (8x6mm.) mounted in 14Kt yellow gold Ring (Size 63/4) -- Price:  $485.

Amethyst and Citrine

are both quartz, SiO2 - Hardness 7, they are just different colors.

   The Imperial color of AMETHYST, the February birthstone, enhances admiration and respect, which forms the foundation of love.

   CITRINE is a birthstone substitute for Topaz, the November stone, because it is yellow.   It assists in acquiring and maintaining wealth.  It soothes family or group relations, helps dispense with the fundamental level of fear and lifts one from depreession to joy.